RJM Custom Cajons

RJM Cajons

RJM Custom Cajons are made by Ross Mynett in Newport Pagnell, near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. RJM Custom Cajons make a variety of cajons and related instruments, including cajons with custom designs and in custom sizes. RJM Custom Cajons are sold through their website and on Ebay. The latest updates are on their Facebook page.

Key features

  • Dimensions: approximately 31cm wide x 30cm deep x 53cm tall. (custom heights are available)
  • At 53cm, RKM Custom Cajons are taller than the majority of cajons (average is between 47-50cm).
  • Very robust and solid construction. RJM Custom Cajons are made from MDF with an internal frame and weigh about 10kg.
  • Ash tapas.
  • 2 sound holes in the back of the cajons.
  • Electro Pickups can be added to the cajons.
  • Custom graphics available for the tapa.
  • Paint finish to drum box.

Products available from RJM Custom Cajons

  • The RJM Cajon Standard
  • The RJM ‘Art House’ – drizzled paint on a silk finish
  • The RJM Britannia – vinyl Union Jack logo on tapa
  • The RJM Polka Dot
  • The RJM ‘Mini’ – designed for children (35cm tall)
  • The RJM ‘Stomper’ – wedge shaped stomp box
  • The RJM ‘Travel Cajon’ – with piezo pickup
  • The RJM ‘Conga’

Demonstration of an RJM Custom Cajon

If you think RJM Custom Cajons might have the cajon for you, visit rjmcustomcajons.co.uk and please mention CajonCajon.uk if you buy from them.

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