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Lion Cajon Drums went out of business on 20th January 2016. They posted this message on their Facebook page

Well here goes. Not the news we wanted to give you. As from tonight, Lion Cajons will be closed. We are just not viable as a business any longer. We have no choice but to close, it’s a bad time for the drum business and small businesses like us don’t stand a chance. We’ve had a fantastic few years and met some fantastic people. Me and Clare would like to thank each and every one of you that’s given us support over the years, it really has been appreciated xx

Lion Cajon Drums logoThis page is kept for historical interest.

Lion Cajon Drums is based in the small town of Par in Cornwall. The owner, Gary Clarke, has built a cajon brand with an international reputation and a growing number of vocal endorsees. Lion have a higher profile than many of the independent cajon makers in the UK. Their Lion 3 in 1 cajon and Lion Pro-Active Bass cajon have received positive reviews from

Lion Cajon Drums are sold direct from the company’s website,, where they also sell a range of cajon accessories.

Key features

  • Dimensions of standard cajons: 30 wide x 30 deep x 49cm tall.
  • Choice of light oak look or mahogany playing panel.
  • Wooden feet.
  • Most Lion cajons come with a carrying bag.
  • Original Lion Cajon Drumsticks available.
  • Lifetime guarantee

Products available from Lion Cajon Drums

  • Lion Basic Cajon – Unwaxed 46cm tall basic cajon with snare
  • Sizzle Cajon Drum with bag – fixed snare
  • Flamenco Cajon with bag – guitar strings instead of snare drum snare
  • Active Cajon Drum with bag – adjustable snare
  • Pro-Active Bass Cajon with bag – extra wide for more bass
  • 3 in 1 Cajon Drum with bag – two playing surfaces, flamenco side and active side with adjustable snare
  • Top Range Lion Cajon Drum with bag – adjustable on/off snare, vinyl wrapped, high quality birch construction
  • Lion Cub Kids Cajon Active Drum – 25cm wide x 30cm deep x 38cm tall with fixed snare
  • Build your own cajon kit
  • Cajon bag
  • Cajon Drum Sticks
  • Lion Cajon Port
  • Microphone and lead
  • Gibralter cajon pedal

Demonstration of a Lion Cajon 3 in 1 drum

If you think Lion Cajon Drums might have the cajon for you, visit and please mention if you buy from them.

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