Independent Cajon Makers

Many small independent cajon makers have sprung up around the UK over the past few years as the popularity of the cajon has grown.

These startup companies, mostly run by individuals with backgrounds as percussionists, craftsmen or both, are rivalling the bigger companies with interesting drums made in the UK, using high quality materials The hand made drums show careful attention to detail and often include unique and innovative features, whilst being excellent value.

These cajons are usually available direct from the maker’s websites or Ebay. Some also sell through independent music shops.

If there are any UK cajon makers that aren’t listed here, please let us know via the contact page.

If you buy a cajon from any of these companies, please mention

The Cajon Drum Shop

At the Cajon Drum Shop, Freddy Nelson and ‘his mate Chris’ make their range of birch cajons by hand and sell them directly.

More info about The Cajon Drum Shop.

Cruz Cajon

Cruz Cajons are handmade flamenco cajons made in Spain by PRK Percussion and branded by London based percussionist Heidi Joubert.

More info about Cruz Cajon.

SG Percussion

Spencer Gilroy’s SG Percussion hand make Peruvian style cajons (guitar string snare) in a variety of sizes, styles and woods. They also offer custom finishes.

More info about SG Percussion.

Meraki Custom Drums

As well as standard cajons, Meraki make cajons with custom designs and LED light up cajons. They also have a cajon hire service.

More info about Meraki Custom Drums.

RJM Custom Cajons

Ross Mynett’s RJM Custom Cajons, based in Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire, makes a selection of adult and children’s cajons in a variety of artistic designs.

More info about RJM Custom Cajons

Rauch Music

Macker Cajons

Professional_percussionist on Ebay

Custom Cajons

Seed Furniture


Professional drummer/teacher Steve Howard hand make birch wood fixed and variable snare cajons under his S-Cajon brand.

More info about S-Cajon.

Marriott Cajon Drums

Craftsman Adam Marriott and his team at Essex based Marriott Cajon Drums make a variety of cajon drums including bass cajons, bongo cajons and junior cajons. They also supply custom designed cajons with high quality artwork from their in house artists.

More info about Marriott Cajon Drums

Bowl Cajon


Cajon Makers no longer in business

Unfortunately some cajon makers have struggled to sustain themselves in the market. Below are details of some now defunct cajon makers, kept here for interest sake.

Lion Cajon Drums

Lion Cajons are one of the larger UK based independent cajon makers. Based in Cornwall, they supply variety of cajons and accessories.

More info about Lion Cajon Drums.

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