The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon

The Freddy Nelson Flatpack CajonBuild your own cajon with the Freddy Nelson flatpack Cajon, a cajon construction kit from The Cajon Drum Shop, one of the biggest independent cajon makers in the UK

Size when assembled: 30 x 30 x 48cm

Manufactures website

What’s included?

The following is in the pack when you buy the Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon

  • 2x 9mm birch plywood sides
  • 9mm birch plywood top and bottom
  • 3mm birch plywood rear panel with pre-cut sound hole
  • 1.5mm front playing surface (plain without logos)
  • one 20 strand snare wire (half a full snare)
  • wooden blocks and crossbar for attaching the snare
  • four rubber feet with embedded steel washer
  • screws for attaching the feet, snare and snare supports

What else do you need?

  • wood glue
  • a crosshead screwdriver
  • rope (or clamps / tension straps. In the construction video they use rope)
  • sandpaper
  • wet cloth (preferably lint free, like an old t-shirt)
  • a finish of some kind (oil, wax, varnish etc) and something to apply it

The Cajon Cajon view

Our thoughts, coming soon…

Construction video – stage 1

Construction video – stage 2

Construction video – stage 3

Price: approximately £50

If The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon is right for you, visit and please mention if you buy one.

The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon - backThe Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon - front

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