Cajon Construction kits

Several Cajon manufacturers produce pre-prepared construction kits that give a relatively straightforward route to building your own cajon. You can choose a full size standard cajon or a smaller version that is ideal for travel or for children. Most of the kit cajons include snares and the beauty of making your own cajon is that you can adapt it any way you want. Once you have built your cajon, you can oil, wax, varnish or paint it to finish. It’s an easy and satisfying way to a create a unique instrument.

Here is a collection of the cajon construction kits that are available. Click the more information links for details and a few thoughts about them. For the kits that I have tried I give more details and a brief review of the construction process and the finished cajon.

Full size cajons

Schlagwerk CBA 1S quick assembly medium cajon kit (45cm)

The Schlagwerk CBA1S is a 45cm tall birch cajon with a single 20 strand snare. It is the smaller version of the Schlagwerk CBA 2S.

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Schlagwerk CBA 2S quick assembly large cajon kit (50cm)

The Schlagwerk CBA1S is a 50cm tall birch cajon with two 20 strand snare. It is the larger version of the Schlagwerk CBA 1S.

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Sela Snare Cajon kit (47cm)

The Sela Snare Cajon kit comes in two sizes and features the same removable and adjustable snare system as the professional CaSela cajon series. The smaller medium version is the same apart from the height.

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Sela CaSela Professional Cajon Kit (47cm)

The Sela CaSela Professional Cajon Kit is unlike every other cajon kit available. The result of Sela’s years of development is a unique cajon construction kit that screws together to create a professional grade cajon with no wood working skills required. If Ikea made cajons, this is what they would be like.

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Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit (46cm)

Germany based Meinl is one of the biggest percussion manufactures and produces some of the most popular cajons with it’s Headliner series. The Meinl Make Your Own Cajon kit is the company’s offering for those who want to make a cajon themselves. This kit comes in two versions, with different front playing surfaces and requires more woodworking skills and tools that some of the other construction kits.

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The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon (48cm)

The Cajon Drum Shop has developed The Freddy Nelson Flatpack Cajon. This easy to build cajon kit comes with a very thin (1.5mm) and sensitive playing surface.

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Sonor Diy Cajon kit


Buy from Thomann (about £42)

Children’s size cajons

Baff Music Stool Kit (38cm or 30cm)

Baff make musical furniture predominately for children. Their Music Stool Kit is a cajon kit designed to be easy for children to build and play. The kit comes in four sizes, 30cm and 38cm high cajons for children and 42cm and 49cm high cajons for teenagers and adults.

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Sela Medium Snare Cajon Kit (41cm)

The Sela Snare Cajon kit comes in two sizes and features the same removable and adjustable snare system as the professional CaSela cajon series. This is the medium version, which is the same as the larger cajon apart from the height. The medium version is ideal from players up to 165cm tall.

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Nino Natural 15 inch (38cm) Cajon Construction Kit

Manufactures website

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