Having been a (amateur) drummer for a few years, I received my first cajon for Christmas 2014. I have spent the past couple of decades tapping on any surface that came to hand, playing the cajon seemed to come fairly naturally and a lot of fun. Being generally curious and having a tendency to over research things, I started reading everything I could find on the internet about cajons. There is lots of info out there, but there didn’t seem to be much focussed on the cajon scene in the UK. Cajon Cajon is the result of the info I have found and is my attempt to bring together everything about buying, building and playing cajon from a UK perspective. I hope Cajon Cajon will be useful to anyone interested in the cajon.


When you buy products via a link from Cajon Cajon to the following online shops we receive a small reward at no additional cost to you. This is the only way the Cajon Cajon receives anything towards our running costs. Thank you for the support.

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Who is behind Cajon Cajon?

Cajon Cajon is put together by Tim Dolan. I am an amateur drummer who has recently started playing the cajon. In my short history with this great percussion instrument, I have gleaned plenty of knowledge about the different cajons on the market. I currently own two cajons and have played several others. I am interested in reviewing and getting to know any cajons and cajon related accessories.

Details of what I currently use can be found on my current cajons and cajon accessories page.

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